Welcome to Stavanger Festival-18!

Karisma Church invites children, young and older; families, single, friends, neighbours – and all churches to Stavanger Festival 18!

Stavanger Festival is a Jesus-centered, Bible-based and People-focused conference in our region. We want it to be an arena where Christian unity and diversity are made visible. There will be large meetings, family meeting, meetings for for children and youth, bouncy castle, activities, tent for barbecuing, youth cafe – and not least an opportunity to an encounter with God. We have invited world class speakers that guaranteed will affect your life!

In the power of the Spirit!"

We need to celebrate! In the midst of the fact that God wants to meet you in everyday life, where life is lived – God wants to give us days that «stand out» in our lives and lift us on! Our prayer is that StavangerFestival 18 will be such days. God`s thoughts and His plan for your life is fantastic – and we need to seta side time for Him to touch us and speak to us! The Bible has many stories on how God spoke into people`s lives, and transformed their lives! Stavanger Festival is a meeting place for praise, preaching and good fellowship. Our hope is that these days can bring new energy, focus and joy to life and ministry as christians, and inspiration to the church you belong to. This years headline is «In the power of the Spirit». These days shall in a special way, be influenced by the Holy Spirit – God`s life-transforming, sustaining and enabling presence to you. If you don`t belong to any church, are unsure of where you stand regarding faith and being a believer – you are especially warmly welcome, too!

Best regards Irene and Tormod
​(Main Pastor); hosts together with the pastoral team in Karisma Church.


The leaders in Barnekarisma are planning an awesome SF-Kids festival for the kids
(2-6 years and 1st to 7th grade)!
There will be a lot of different activities, bouncy castle, pizza party and super cool children's meetings.
Kåre Skuland is the main speaker in SFKids for the oldest group. He has many years of experience and has been involved with children and church for many years.

Registration required!

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Registration can also be made on arrival in the Karisma church, but preferably via Checkin on the web, it will be less queue.

10.30am Registtation by entrance to Karismakirken | Førfest.
11am Familymeeting for everyone
11.45am Activities and arrangements divided in two groups:
2 – 6 yrs | 1. – 7.th grade
3pm The end. Parents pick up their children 

11.45am Registration. Children who are not registered the day before, must do that now. 
12pm Gathering divided in age groups- Activities and pizza-party. 
2pm The end

BTW: SF-Kids is FREE

SF young

From 7th. grade and up

All meetings in StavangerFEST are easily adapted for teenagers and youth. In addition, there are special SF-Young meetings where we maximize volume and the visuals. We encourage all teenagers and young adults to find satings together in the front, and get together tocreate an atmosphere in the cafe and in the barbecue tent.
The main speakers are Joakim Lundqvist and Joyce Wilkerson, who have communicated to young people for many years. Therefore, the evening meetings at 19:00 and the services on Sunday, are highlye recommended.


7pm Open meeting: Joakim Lundqvist

7pm Open meeting: Joakim Lundqvist
8:45 BBQ in the tent and café
9:15pm Extra meeting for the teens
              Activities in gym and BBQ tent and café after.

11am – 11.30am Family meeting: Kåre Skuland
11.40am – 14.45pm Open seminar: Joyce Wilkerson, Arnfinn Clementsen and Silas Siripurapu
(12.30pm Lunch break in the BBQ tent and café)
7pm Open meeting: Kåre Skuland
  8:45pm BBQ in the tent, and café

12pm Service: Joyce Wilkerson
  1.30pm BBQ in the tent, and café

7pm ‘SØNDAG19’ Service: Joyce Wilkerson
  8:15pm BBQ and entertainment in the tent


7pm Open meeting: Joakim Lundqvist

7pm Open meeting: Joakim Lundqvist
8:45pm BBQ in the tent, and café
9:15pm Teenagers meeting 
              Activities in gym and BBQ tent and café after.

11am – 11.30am Family meeting: Kåre Skuland
11.40am – 2:45pm Open seminars: Joyce Wilkerson, Arnfinn Clementsen and Silas Siripurapu
(12.30pm Lunch with BBQ and café)
7pm Open meeting: Kåre Skuland
  8:45 BBQ in the tent, and café

12pm Service: Joyce Wilkerson
  1.30 BBQ in the tent, and café
7pm ‘SØNDAG19’ Service: Joyce Wilkerson
  8:15pm BBQ and entertainment in the tent


Joakim Lundqvist
Together with his spouse Maria, they are at the forefront as pastor couples of Word of Life(LO) in Uppsala, Sweden. LO is a leading church, which in recent weeks has experienced a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit's power and gifts in a wonderful way.
The Word of Life is a movement that counts more than 200,000 people worldwide with main centers in Yerevan (Armenia), Moscow (Russia) and Uppsala (Main).
Pastor Joakim is a communicator of faith and the power of the Word - and communicates in a way that "hits home" for all generations. As a church, we particularly appreciate the relationship we experience with LO and the inspiration and power they add to our work. More info: https://www.livetsord.se/

Joyce Wilkerson
Joyce is a church planter and pastor. Together with her husband, Mark, they planted the Connect Church in Berlin, Germany. She grew up in the UK. About 13 years ago, the couple moved to Berlin and planted the church that is linked to the Hillsong movement. Connect Church has experienced a formidable growth in the secular and multireligious Europe metropolis and has many worship services every Sunday to serve the young generation in the city. Joyce is a new acquaintance for us as a church but is invited from the contact our pastors got with Joyce after a leadership conference this year in OKS Oslo. We look forward to meeting and hearing her!
More info: http://www.myberlinconnect.de/

Kåre Skuland
Is a pastor in Jesus Church, Oslo and, together with his spouse Janne, they have been pioneers in the development of modern work among children, churches and national Christian work among children.  Now, Kåre is preparing a digital education tool for faith that will mean a digitalization of the tool we will use in the Children's Church in Barnekarisma. This is exciting! Kåre is the main speaker of SF Kids and will also speak in the conference.. Kåre is the author of several current novels. They can be purchased in the Bookstore during the conference. More info: https://www.facebook.com/kaareskuland/

Silas and Padma Siripurapu
They are our Indian guests in the conference, from the city of Visakhapatnam. They are part of the extensive and rich missionary work where Karisma Church has been partners for over 25 years; Maranaha Viswasa Samajam and Moses Choudary. Silas is an exciting, faithful and enthusiastic preacher who dares to go new ways to reach out with the gospel. He has a passionate commitment to the society and is a respected man among prominent community leaders in the metroplis city. He is a pastor in the church they planted 15 years ago and the principal of the Bible school they started at the same time. Together with Padma, they are responsible for the diakonical work they have through orphanage and home to poor widows. Stavangerfest18 has a clear missionary focus and we are honored to have these friends as our guests.
More info: https://www.facebook.com/silasindia?ref=br_rs

Arnfinn Clementsen
Arnfinn is the founder of Karisma Church, preacher, author and part of the pastor team in Karisma Church today. With his spouse, Liss-Bente, they were at the forefront as leading pastors through 29 years. Today they are engaged in the Tourist Church of Fuengerola, Spain through half the year and the rest of the year in Norway. More info: http://arnfinnclementsen.org/

Irene and Tormod Røyland (main pastor in Karisma Church) are together with Janne Gro and Jan Inge Espedal (pastor), the leadership, staff and volunteer staff, host and facilitators for Stavangerfest18. We warmly welcome you and hope you will enjoy the days!
More info: http://karisma.no/

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With Joakim Lundqvist and Arnfinn Clementsen
Friday 7th. Of September 2pm – ca 4:30pm
Place: Karismakirkens café, Adj. Hauglandsgt 52, 4022 Stavanger


These days, Word of Life, Uppsala, experiences a revival of the Holy Spirit, and His gifts ar poured out and relased strong among them. What began a few weeks ago when the Spirit touched the Bible school students in a special way, has now grown on to a wonderful wave of spiritual life that has «rolled» over the whole.assembly. You can`t construct or order the Holy Spirit to work in these ways. But when a stream from heaven comes upon us, it`s all the more important to see it, step into it and let ourselves be touched by it, just like Ezekiel when he went out into the river until he no longer reached the bottom. (Ezekiel 47).

However, what is happening right now in Word Of Life, is not only theirs, as we are many more who desire to be re-vitalized, touched and blessed by what He is doing.
In this leader day we will hear some of what God has done in Uppsala and let us be inspired!
At he same time, we will reflect and talk about how we can understand og relate to what God is doing in times of a fresh and unique outpouring of the Spirit.
And of course there will be room for personal prayer and intercession for each other.
Arnfinn Clementsen will also share his experiences during this day, and we will open up for Q&A.

This gathering is open to anyone how has a leader position and responsibility in one way or another in church and society, and who finds the theme relevant.

Enrollement via CheckIn. Deadline is 6th of September, but it`s an advantage to be out early

Kr 150, - per person
Student Price: NOK 50, -.
Included in the price is hot food, dessert, coffee and tea. Other drinks can be bought seperately.
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Questions can be directed to steinar@karisma.no

You are welcome!

Tormod Røyland og Arnfinn Clementsen
Hosts for «Open Ledersday»


All meetings (Escept SF Kids and SF- Youth) will be translated into English through wireless headsets that you can lend before the meetings.  
There will also be interpretation for the deaf, if needed. Please let us know as soon as possitble which meetings you will attend, so we can order and arrange with «Tolkesentralen» to come
Contact us by email: post@karisma.no, latest thursday 30th of Aug.

Warmly welcome


Alternative 1:
Scandic Hotell (1 km from Karismakirken).
Make contact with Karismakirken on post@karisma.no to get our conference price.

Alternative 2:
Mosvangen Camping for for caravans, campers and cabins (1,5 km from Karismakirken).

Alternative 3:
Staying with families in Karismakirken.

Contact our administration during day time, and we will do our very best to help you. The sooner we know, the better!
Call 51 91 18 80 (thirs – tues 10am – 2pm, closed for lunch 11.30am -12pm) or send email to post@karisma.no

Intercession/prayer and thanks
You will have a lot of opportunities for intercession/personal prayers in connection with the meetings.
We would very much like to help you with your prayer requests, at the same time as we will rejoice together with you over answers to prayers and testimonies of God`s work. Send your prayer requests on e-mail, or hand it in at the Connect Stand or Information Stand in the foaje during the conference. We will pray for the requests in the evenings sessions and in Sunday Service.

Book store and stands:
In the Book Store you will find books in Norwegian, and in various stands you can meet some of our connections/exhibitors working with mision among other.

StavangerFEST has an open café and barbeque tent (hot dogs and hamburgers) during the breaks between the seminars and after the meetings in the evenings. 

8:45pm Open café - sandwiches and cake

8:45pm Open café and BBQ tent

12:30pm - Open café: Warm lunch and cakes. Open tent with BBQ - hamburgers and hot dogs
3:30pm Open cafè -  sandwiches and cake
8:45pm Only open BBQ tent (closed café)

1:30pm Open café - sandwiches and cake Open tent with BBQ - hamburgers and hot dogs

There will be a special cafe for SF-Youth, downstairs, with pizza, milkshke, soda and snacks.

Phone: 51 91 18 80
E-mail: post@karisma.no